What Factors affect wellbeing of children: Physical well being of a child

Children’s well-being is what it is? and how to achieve it?

 Being healthy is something we are always encouraged to do but how can we be healthy it all starts with creating healthy habits healthy habits can make you feel strong and happy think about your body and mind like a car a car needs high-quality fuel to run smoothly to fill your body and mind with truly nutritious food thoughts and actions that will make it work well but what is the habit? 

created by doing something over and over again naturally having healthy habits can help you feel stronger and create better relationships with the people around you help you focus better in class and give you the daily strength you need to do all the things you love. 

The most important healthy habits you must have are healthy eating is about feeding your body fresh and nutritious food this should include colorful vegetables and nuts whole grains milk grains and lean meat. d fish although all these foods are good for us there are still some we should eat and some we should reduce we should eat more whole grain cereals but we should eat lean meat and milk and fruits and nuts in moderation.

 means it is not a pile and piles there is food that should be delicious sometimes because it is not very good and it is low in nutrients like sugary or fatty foods and beverages and we should drink plenty of water every single day.


 if you combine a healthy diet with exercise it will help you feel healthier, did you know that children your age should work for at least 60 minutes a day another healthy practice gets plenty of sleepless to restore repair and rebuild everything in our body including make sure you get hours 10 sleepless nights and you will find yourself feeling fresh and ready to do the full day-to-day.

 Here are four ways you can create a healthy living space in a fruit garden. and a rainbow even though you are not in charge of groceries you can always make your own healthy decisions maybe you can choose to drink water instead of a cold drink or juice when you are thirsty buy a piece of fruit instead of sweets in a canteen salad with simple options like these can make a big difference your body in different ways to try and have so many colors in the way you can sleep every day nothing should interfere with your sleep even your sleep.

 homework should keep you awake longer than you need to so make sure you plan your time well so that you can finish it before bed to maintain a good bedtime routine at the same time each night is good for your body and can make sleep easier to keep any phone tablets. and other tools outside your bedroom.

 when it’s bedtime a place that feels relaxed in this way ns it should be nice to be quiet and dark when it’s bedtime to relax you don’t have to change all day it’s really really easy and you may not even see it playing during school meals riding your bike all examples of exercise that can build your 60 minutes if you can reduce the time you spend in front of the screen you may find yourself spending a lot of time with your friends and walking for the last time but not least getting excessive balance even if your diet or sleep exercise is not necessary. your whole will find a healthy balance of playfulness

Children behavior

Health-related actions may be health promoting( those that increase the liability of unborn health, similar to regular balanced diet and exercise) or health injuring( those that negatively beget factual morbidity or mortality, similar to smoking, drinking, or reckless driving).
 A body of recent exploration suggests how these actions develop and describes the part of the family, peers, and social terrain, including media, in shaping this experimental process( Tinsley, 2003). While actions like smoking, drinking, and exercise are known to affect after health, it isn’t clear how these actions develop in nonage( McGinnis and Foege, 1999). 
 frequently these health actions are considered delegates for health, indeed though they may not inescapably constitute health per se. Some health programs essay to change youth actions that are allowed
 to affect health. An illustration is a demand for regular academy attendance, which may both reflect current health and ply goods on a given child’s liability of unborn health. 
Behavioral influences on children’s health are frequently complementary, both impacting and told by parents, peers, and others. For illustration, parenthood style, family traditions, and peer influences affect not only fairly simple youth actions, similar to compliance with behavioral requests or participation in health forestallment programs( Patterson and Fisher, 2002), but also more complex actions, similar as participation with complaint operation rules. This section focuses on the internal cerebral factors that bolster children’s geste 
 , with counteraccusations for posterior health issues.

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