How to sleep for lower back pain. Best sleeping position for lower back pain.

 Best sleeping position


   Sleeping with
lower back pain can be quite challenging. many positions that we choose to
sleep in often put a lot of pressure on our backs. so if you’re dealing with a
back injury and it’s an inflamed low back that those positions may aggravate it.
and prolong your injury. so what we’re going to go through are some tips and
some strategies that you can utilize to help ease the tension out of the back.

   Sit on the edge of the bed and try to maintain a neutral spine position


So you
can get a more restful night’s sleep so setting up a good night’s sleep begins
when you first get into bed. so what you want to first do is you want to sit on
the edge of the bed
so now the whole goal with getting into the sleeping position and
sleeping at night is we want to try to maintain a neutral spine position. this
just helps take some pressure out of the painful joints or the disc muscles.
whatever it is that’s causing your injury that we want to keep the position as neutral
as possible.

   So it
starts in a seated position and works your way down to a lying down position. that
you want to move the spine as one unit to get into the lying down
position. so what that looks like is you want to sit up nice and tall give
yourself a general brace around your abdomen to help, support your back and
what you’re going to start doing is tilting your body from your hips.
 all the way through the neck towards the mattress
and you’re going to start catching yourself with your hands. so then you’re
going to walk yourself down and as you’re walking yourself down.

 Start elevating your legs onto the mattress

start elevating
your legs onto the mattress and supporting your upper body with your forearms and elbows until you’re into a side position so now if you are a side sleeper
or this is a comfortable position for you when you’re dealing with your lower
back pain.

Placing a pillow between your knees and legs

 Placing a bolster or a pillow
between your knees and your ankles. So what this is? This will do if it keeps
your legs in proper alignment through your hips and so it keeps a little bit more
regular muscle tension around the hips. it also keeps your pelvis nice and straight.
there isn’t any twist so if the bolster wasn’t there the knees come together
and they’re just very there’s this very subtle rotation and stretch through the
tissues, pelvis and that can cause back pain, or if you don’t feel it right away
after several hours of sleeping it might just cause enough strain to then
exacerbate that back condition so this is a good place to start.

Placing a pillow underneath your abdomen

a pillow underneath your abdomen and the front of your pelvis and that will
lift up the lower back. decompressing the back takes some pressure off of those
tissues and that can be a more pain-relieving position to stay in. If you are a
stomach sleeper now final piece. so when you hopefully get a good night’s sleep
and then you’re waking up in the morning you want to do the exact same thing
you did when you got down into the position to sleep. so you want to know
you wake up scoot to the side of the bed so it will give you a good position to
get out of the bed. when you get up you’re going to try to keep your back in
one position. Many people try to do all these tips and tricks and relieve lower back pain.             


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